Robert Kelly was my muse for Troy

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Former Navy Seal, Troy Ashford spends his semi retirement conducting special ops for the government when the government cannot be involved. He gets to pick and choose his jobs this time around and a certain autonomy which allows him to work with vets who are having a difficult time fitting in.

Derek Jaeschke was my muse for Rico/Marshall

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Medically discharged Marine sniper, Marshall should never have been up closed and personal with any of the victims or survivors. Then, plans change and he is forced to lead a mission. A mission which forever changes his life. 
"Always & Forever"
Always and Forever.jpg

Rather than face the man he loved, he kept it buried against Marshall’s groin, inhaling the sweet smell of sex and thinking strongly of making sure he went to hell by bending him over the bench and fucking him six ways to Sunday. Then his Dominant side came to the forefront as Marshall wobbled on his feet. Troy stood in one fluid movement, muscles bulging, and scooped his lover into his arms.

“Isn’t this where you’re supposed to kiss me and tell me how fucking great I am?” He gave, what he hoped was a devastatingly sexy grin. It must have worked because in the next instant he found Marshall’s tongue vying with his for supremacy. Damn but he can kiss.

“You are fucking amazing Tee but save your Superman tactics. I can walk.” Marshall tried to hide his yawn and failed. “Besides, I need to take care of you.”