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Magical Forces Series

Where Magic and Passion Collide

Here it is. The new cover to Hell In Heels. Isn't it gorgeous_ Another beauty by Pretty AF
Hell In Heels


Fate is fickle. At least that's how Zoey Morgan sees it. As a witch old enough to  know better, yet too sexy for any man to resist, she was tired of running. From her past, from the pain, but especially from her worst nightmare. Most importantly, not being able to save her family from the clutches of a great evil. Unfortunately, she’d been doing it so long, she wasn’t sure how to stop. That was until an ex-military wolf-shifter crossed her path. But to say Ryan Taylor was a jaded  breed of his own would be quite the understatement.  It seemed his past, too, was riddled with enough cynicism to make trusting a gal like Zoey a difficult feat. Still, his innate drive to protect and innocent was as intrinsic as the act of breathing, which made leaving her to face her demons alone harder than any covert mission. Their fiery mutual attraction didn’t help, and it wasn't long before the sparks and fur began to fly, all while Zoey's past continued to hunt her. With no choice left but to combine military with magic, the two work together to take down Zoey's nemesis, finally, once and for all.

Hell On The Heart


Everyone has them. Everyone keeps them for various reasons.
As a witch with power over water, Anna wants her secrets to stay in the past where they belong. All she desires is to enjoy the present, but what she thought was buried long ago, has found a nasty way of coming back to bite her.
So hold on tight. Not only is her big bad secret back, but it’s hungry and Anna looks like the perfect entree for dinner.
Pete has secrets of his own. As a Djinn, he is skilled and powerful enough to cajole Anna to tell him hers, although he knows he may have to confess up some of his own deep dark nightmares. When she learns his secrets will she still look at him the same way? Or will she take a chance on what could be? Not that it matters. Pete isn’t ready to let her go. She is his soul mate whether she is ready to admit it or not. He will make her realize they are meant to be together, even if he has to follow her to hell to do so.
Will their secrets destroy what they could be before they have the chance to begin?

Hell Of A Family Yule


Everyone dreams of the perfect holiday and Zoey is no exception.
Taking out her list she checks it twice.
Snow falling, √ check
The Yule fire burning brightly, √ check
Newborn babies with their sexy as sin daddy, √ check
Closest friends who should be brothers and sisters, √ check
Then who is at the door raising her hormonal hackles and ruining her perfect holiday?

Join the Magical Forces Family as they prepare for Yule, learn what family really is all about and get a glimpse of the future.

Hell Of A Night


Soulmates, fate, happily ever after. It’s all bull. At least it feels like it to, ex Navy Seal, J.T. Kirkland. A witch trained in battle magic, his affinity for water has made him the perfect seaman much to his family’s dismay. For J.T. working for the Supreme Witch’s Council was not on the agenda. Neither was falling for the hottest dame he’d ever seen, Tessa Windham.


The farmer’s daughter from Kansas moves to the big city to find adventure and do her duty with the American Witch’s Council. What is a bored secret agent to do? Certainly not lose her heart to a charming smile and devastating blue eyes, but lose it she did until J.T. left for war.


Fifty years later they meet again. Only Tessa doesn’t remember her Navy man. Can J.T. break through the barriers which cloud Tessa’s mind to discover the truth about their estranged past, or will they forever be together, but miles apart?

Kindle Hitttb.jpg
Hell Is The Tie That Binds


All is not well in paradise...


Zoey cannot forgive Pack Alpha Ryan for a wrong that hits too close to home. They’ve kept secrets from one another, but it hasn’t kept Zoey from wanting Ryan with the same intensity as day one. The question is, does Ryan still want her?


Ryan will keep his Pack safe above all else. He accepted the position of Alpha, and will now play his part. Even if keeping them safe means he has to get blood on his hands.


In a story of love and revenge, can two flames come together in a time of crisis and lead a Pack and a Coven to victory or will they burn so hot, they destroy everything they have created?

Black Magic


Discover a myriad of monsters from the authors of CHBB Publishing. Demons, vampires, ghosts, and ghouls, nothing is off limits in Black Magic. Lose yourself in these offerings and let your mind be taken into a world of macabre fantasy. Stories by award winning and amazon best selling authors including Rue VolleyFaith MarlowSJ DavisLily LuchesiElaine WhiteSarah HallNicole Thorn, and Hope Daniels, along with poetry from Elizabeth A. Lance and Laurencia Hoffman

Proceeds from the Black Magic Urban Fantasy Anthology will be donated to Meals on Wheels.

Always and Forever.jpg
Always & Forever


As boys, Troy and Marshall vowed to be best friends for always and forever.
They pledged the same vow again, after a football game on a Friday night, when they made love for the first time.
Now, as ex-soldiers, can they find their way and help each other out of the darkness and into the light?
Can broken promises be forgiven and friendships strengthened over a common bond?
Can two broken men find their way back to when Always and Forever meant love until their final breath?

(Temporarily unavailable)

Love At Christmas.jpg
Love At Christmas 
A Wylde River Beginning

A family with a tarnished reputation. A love destined in the stars. 


Ruth’s stepfather is out to destroy her. Yet, with him being the town Reverend, no one believes he could be capable of such malice. But Ruth stands tall in her truth, knowing how he loathes her for being an educated woman who has studied the healing arts from the local doctor. Being past the traditional marrying age, Ruth understands her chances of finding a husband are slim. Still, her pulse races whenever she catches James’ eye. With her stepfather badmouthing her to anyone who will listen, can she convince James to look past his cruel lies? 


James is anything but a typical cowboy. As the son of a doctor, his family has connections to every business that has helped grow Wylde River. Unfortunately, some of their dealings are nefarious in nature, causing James to tiptoe outside the boundaries of the law. To win Ruth’s heart, he longs to walk the straight and narrow. But will the sins of his past ruin their chance at a happy future?

(Temporarily Unavailable)


Hell In Heels - Coloring Book

Color and relax to some of the best scenes from Magical Forces Series Book One, Hell In Heels. Illustrator, Arnild C. Aledpolla chose the best to delight and tease you while our couple Ryan and Zoey fall in love. Little did they know then that falling in love would start a war between a powerful family and other magical beings. Come along and enjoy the ride.


Kindle TravelersRiddle.jpg
The Traveler's Riddle - Wayward Island Prequel

There once lived a princess and prince,
with magic powerful and grand.
with exalted titles and alluring wiles,
they were hunted by many across the land. 

Puffed up on his own bravado, Prince Erik embarks on a quest to fetch an army for his father the king. How was he to know there were those out there willing to kill and rob him? Thankfully, he has his sister Abby by his side. Armed with his charm and her stellar wit, they might just make it out alive. 

Yet when they arrive at the neighboring King’s castle, the royal ropes Erik into an ultimatum that could snatch away his freedom. In a last ditch effort to save her brother, Abby poses a riddle. One answer will bind Erik to the neighboring kingdom for all eternity, the other will grant them the sought after army. 

Is Abby’s magic cunning enough to outsmart their enemy? Or will her brother pay the price for her failure?

(Temporarily Unavailable)

Dragon's Huntress 

When past and present collide, New York City will never be the same. The Dragon King has found his Queen after years apart and he will do anything to be reunited with his Huntress. Anything...including inserting himself in her next mission just to keep her at his side. Huntress of the paranormal,

Alexiana Markus only wants to do the job she came to to do and leave. Running into Nathan Reid had not been part of the plan. Will stubbornness and pride come between them, or will New York survive the fiery passion of a dragon's need to claim his mate?

Woman in Black EBook_VS.jpg
The Woman In Black

Bree Leigh Blackwell has mommy issues of the worst kind. Who wouldn't, considering her mother is the Goddess of Death? 


As a doctor, Bree has devoted her life to helping others. Unfortunately, the Woman in Black, her adoptive mother Morgan, has other plans and bestows unimaginable power upon her. Now, if Morgan stands at the head of a dying patient’s bed Bree can save them. While positioning herself at the foot will usher their soul to the great beyond. 


Bree longs to help as many people as she can with the power given to her. But Morgan has a far more sinister agenda in mind. Can Bree use her newfound abilities to carve out a path of kindness and compassion? Or will she be consumed by the darkness writhing within her?

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