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Air Pressure
Magical Forces Suggested Reading Order

Hell In Heels (Ryan and Zoey)

Hell On The Heart (Pete and Annabeth)

Hell Of A Family Yule (Twins Arrival)***

Hell Of A Night (J.T. and Tessa)***

Hell Is The Ties That Bind (Ryan and Zoey revisit)

Hell Of A Life (Newt and Feather) (Coming Soon)***

Hell Of A Beginning (Return of the King) (Unpublished)***

Dragon Shield Reading Order
Wayward Island Suggested Reading Order

Dragon's Huntress (Nate and Alex)

Dragon Cuddles (working title for McKenna and Babs)

The Traveler's Riddle (Wayward Island Prequel)

Abby (A Princess Ascends) (Coming Soon)

Eric (The Man Who Would Be King)

Dessy (Falling for Love)

The Woman In Black (Connecting Story)

Tally (Becoming Queen of the World)

Jason (Claiming Destiny)


***Denotes characters crossing between series

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