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The Cat Made Me Do It!

She's a wild one, my Zoey. I should have known better than to name her after an Alpha female from one of my books. Especially when that character is an all powerful witch married to the Alpha of the Red Rock Wolf Pack. Sometimes, I think this Zoey thinks she is a wolf rather than the sassy feline that she truly is.

A lover of having her jelly beans rubbed (by me) and the potential to be the best mouser we have ever had (great benefit when you live in an old house); Zoey has the tendency to make me laugh and my mind wander from project to project. She has this knack of knowing when I truly want to buckle down and write because that is when she wants to sit on my If you ever receive a message from my profile which strikes you as odd, Zoey says, "Hello friend."

What exactly did she make me do? Well...her antics have bred a slew of stories. The key will be to finish them. She's also hidden things I need, found things I've lost and driven Alicia Dawn crazy with her hair tie fetish among other things. I've even had to hide Ryan, my stuffed wolf, because she was angry and was going to tear his throat out. Stay tuned for more of her antics.



How far ahead do you plan? For a writer, it is imperative to plan months if not year(s) in the future. I am not fortunate enough to be able to plan more than a year in advance. By stating this I mean nothing horrible. It simply means life has a way of spinning my plans out of control before I can get a grasp. It makes me continually react rather than be proactive in many situations. Many times, I am editing up until the last possible moment before a book is live on Amazon.


I really want to be finished and sitting back with y'all and saying, "Hey, that's me releasing a book. Look at me go." BUT....I got cats instead. Not one, but three. I will NEVER. I repeat, NEVER have control over my life again. I willingly gave up all control when I brought these demons in disguise into my home.


Don't let the Puss and Boots eyes fool you. Even Tessa, the "good one" is as evil as the rest. Now, where were we? Oh yes, planning for the year. IF (the tiniest, yet biggest word in the English language) all goes well and Alicia cooperates with my timeline, the following works will be released this year:

A. Bumps In The Road - Echo Rescue Novella (March)

B. Meant To Be - Wylde River Series (April)

C. The Dragon's Lady - New Series with Alicia Dawn (May/June)

D. Wyllow's Magic - Untitled Series (May)

E: Hell of A Life - Magical Forces Series Finale (July/August)

E. Untitled - Wylde River Series (September)

F. Untitled - Echo Rescue Novella (November)

Several have been started or half written. Then, Zoey, Chad and Tessa came home. Now life is full of laughter, growling (mine) and many, "You wanted them." I wouldn't change a thing. It is going to require me saying no to babysitting the grandbabies and knuckling down and writing. I see many afternoons at a coffee shop, or McDonalds.

Let me know which book(s) you're most looking forward to being released! Oh, and cat stories are always welcomed. :)


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