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A love centuries in the making.

Zoey Morgan is tired of running. From her past. From the guilt and haunting memory that, despite being a powerful witch, she wasn’t strong enough to save her family from the clutches of a great evil. Unfortunately, with hunters constantly on her tail, slowing or stopping isn’t an option in her constant fight to stay alive.

Yet all that could change when an ex-military wolf-shifter crosses her path.

To say Ryan Taylor is jaded would be a vast understatement. If experience has taught him anything, it’s not to trust women like Zoey. Still, the magnetic pull he feels towards the stunning witch awakens his innate drive to protect her.

As raw passion ignites, Zoey’s past catches up to her with deadly intent. Survival depends on the pair combining military tactics with magic in a daring final stand. But will it be enough to bring down her nemesis once and for all?

Hell in Heels

  • Physical book, (NUMBER OF PAGES), (TRIM SIZE)

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