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Finally A WINNER! New Giveaways and New Projects.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! FALL INTO LOVE Giveaway Winner Announcement!

I hope you had a safe, wonderful New Year's Eve whether you made the most of the night with friends, or concentrated on the back of your eyelids as the baby new year escorted the old out the door.

Many of you are receiving this newsletter for the very first time! Welcome. See, I only promised Once In A Blue Moon and have delivered.

It is a bit ridiculous though. I do live in a house where at any given time there are from 2 to 4 little ones under the age of five. I never imagined my kids moving back in, let alone bringing their spawn with them. The wonderful beings bring all sorts of germs with them from school, daycare and the other mom's house. I couldn't believe it when I got sick right before my surgery and I surely could not have imagined the condition I would be in after back surgery.

Though I am recovering well from the back fusion, which has already taken away the daily pain I was in (bet those of you who met me were not even aware - good drugs), complications arose that were highly unexpected, but do run in my family. Days passed where I had barely enough energy to sit and stare at the television, which is why the Fall Into Love Giveaway is 2 months overdue!

However, without further ado, if your blue ticket number is: 9943170 you have won the Fall Into Love Sweepstakes including the kindle fire! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please, send me a personal message with a photo of your ticket. I'll need all the snail mail info on you so I can box up everything and send it out to you. I will need to verify you did all of the required elements before we finalize everything as a formality!

I cannot wait to introduce the winner!!!



What I'm working hard on is trying not to become a frozen Popsicle, but so is everyone else. What are you doing to keep warm?

I'm also working hard to bring you exciting Urban Fantasy that is kick ass and will warm you up by the heat between my characters.

The tips of my fingers tend to get very icy while working on projects I can't wait to tell you about! The first is a full length Boulder Circle novel. You met Helen and Luke in The Awakening, which is just one of several short stories found in Black Magic (A Women of Urban Fantasy Production)

Now you get the rest of the story. Will they find Helen's brother Brody? Does the heat between the two of them ignite or will we see the fur fly when Helen meets Luke's bedwarming ex? What does the leader of the Noctis, Ezra, want with Helen? So many questions and only Helen knows the answers...well, all but the last one. She is totally clueless as to what the leader of the vampire horde could want of her, especially now that her blood is no longer virginal.


Hell Are The Ties That Bind - Novella

The next Magical Forces story will be a novella to bridge the gap between J.T. and Tessa's HEA and Newt and Feather's story begins. Alicia and I discovered there was a lot that needed to happen to set up for Newt and Feather's story to truly begin, but we did not want to take away from focusing on the Cat.

I am happy because we get to revisit my sexy wolf, Ryan and Zoey once more and Pete and Anna.

This novella is going to be closer to erotica than what you've gotten from us in the past. Then again, it is the nature of the pack. As the picture teases, someone may or may not be tied up for a pounding, if Zoey doesn't kill the Texan first.



What can I win one of two $5 Amazon Gift Cards?

What do I have to do? Share this blog post and let me know!

How will the winner be chosen? Mr. Random will choose the winner

How will I be notified? Winners will be congratulated in my newsletter.



Hell In Heels Hell Of A Family Yule

Hell Of A Night

Always keep in touch!


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