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Finally, Spring is in the Air and Dragons too?

Michigan's springtime has taken its time in arriving this year. My tulips are finally blooming and the trees have decided it is safe to burst in fragrance and leaves. Every day is a new experience in rebirth. After all, that is what spring is all about.

The robins which have decided to build their nest just beneath the porch roof overhang make the cats lives interesting. The cat which causes the greatest disturbance isn't as bright as my huntress. Chad is the cat we "toss under the bus" and all of the grandkids love on. Zoey, my huntress, is picky...she is a cat after all, and she likes to choose who can and cannot touch her. It usually is only me, her daddy and sometimes her auntie. However, she will hunt. Mice, birds. You name it and she will stalk it. Even dogs do not fair well with my raptor. I fear for the robins. Another reason Chad goes outside first. One of the robins will fly away from the nest and perch in a tree and make a commotion to draw attention away from where precious eggs are cuddled together. Zoey wouldn't fall for the tactic. Chad does every time.

In my latest release with Alicia Dawn, Dragon's Huntress, this is just how Alexiana feels about Nathan. She would never fall for lame tactics, but feels he does every damn time. It is a funny, sexy new paranormal romance that I know will have you looking at the sky hoping dragons are real! Get your copy today. Currently available at Amazon in eBook and Paperback formats. Other retailers coming soon.


I absolutely LOVE this event in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The insanely talented Stacey Rourke and indescribable team of planners, volunteers and family put together an amazing two days of family fun in an atmosphere of Bavarian history perfect for fantasy and paranormal lovers with contemporary conveniences. The book signing is also family friendly, though your books do not have to be (wink, wink) because the room is divided so that children's authors are at one end, young adult in the middle and we (clears throat) 18+ authors are at the other. This year, Alicia Dawn and I are excited to have cover models Robert Kelly and Katie Marie at OUAB with us in Frankenmuth. Dragons will be in residence at the Bavarian Inn, if only for a short time. :) Hope to see you there! Tickets are still available!

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