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Happy Mabon aka Fall.

It is hard to believe we are 3/4 of the way through 2021. Yet the cooler temps of September mornings change quickly to August like heat by noon, only to drop once more, after teasing us with bright sunshine.

I have started to decorate for Fall/Halloween. Started because my two year old granddaughter likes to undecorate and misplace items. Which means, I will be decorating until it is time to put away the Christmas decorations.

When I am not working, or babysitting the grandspawn, I am writing solo projects and with Alicia Dawn. Very soon, Alicia and I will be releasing, The Dragon's Huntress.

If you are not a newsletter subscriber, make sure you sign up! News will be heading out soon about how to purchase a limited edition book box. This box will include a signed copy of the book and unique, dragon related swag items.


Excerpt from Hell In Heels

"Hey, baby. What took you so long?” Zoey quickly rushed out. “I got lonely and my friend here kept me company. Ain't that right?" Breaking away from Roman, she sunk her fingers into the Texan's shaggy hair, letting her nails scrape his scalp before giving him a hard kiss that curled her toes. The soft strands smelling of Irish Spring set her libido on overdrive.

Want more? For a chance to win an eBook copy of Hell In Heels just comment on this blog post. Easy. Until next time, as Zoey would say, "May the Goddess watch over there on this Mabon and all the year through.As I will it, so more it be."

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