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The Woman In Black is live! Get your copy today for $2.99 or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Bree Leigh Blackwell has mommy issues of the worst kind. Who wouldn't, considering her mother is the Goddess of Death?

As a doctor, Bree has devoted her life to helping others. Unfortunately, the Woman in Black, her adoptive mother Morgan, has other plans and bestows unimaginable power upon her. Now, if Morgan stands at the head of a dying patient’s bed Bree can save them. While positioning herself at the foot will usher their soul to the great beyond.

Bree longs to help as many people as she can with the power given to her. But Morgan has a far more sinister agenda in mind. Can Bree use her newfound abilities to carve out a path of kindness and compassion? Or will she be consumed by the darkness writhing within her?

*Image from Gordon Johnson on Pixabay.

Do you love Grimm's fairytales? I know you will love this fairytale retelling of Godfather Death by the Brothers Grimm. Bree's story is a connected story to the up and coming series of Wayward Island.

There once lived a princess and prince,

with magic powerful and grand.

with exalted titles and alluring wiles,

they were hunted by many across the land.

Puffed up on his own bravado, Prince Erik embarks on a quest to fetch an army for his father the king. How was he to know there were those out there willing to kill and rob him? Thankfully, he has his sister Abby by his side. Armed with his charm and her stellar wit they might just make it out alive...

The Traveler's Riddle is the prequel to the Wayward Island series. If you haven't already read this Grimm retelling of The Riddle, you need to add it to your TBR. Yes, I am just a bit prejudice, but the banter between this older brother and his smart mouthed little sister is infectious, heartwarming and fantastical.

The Traveler's Riddle and The Woman in Black is filled with angst and complex family dynamics. While I would love to tell you more, I don't know that I can without giving away the ENTIRE story!

As a child, I would never have thought to change a fairytale into a completely different story. As an adult, I have discovered the challenge to take the original Grimm ending and change it to a happily ever after right up my alley. As a matter of fact, I have already started looking for the next (to fit into the Wayward Island series) and write other types of books at the same time. I envy those authors who can sit, write and the words come for hours. I find my body does not allow me to do that. On a good writing day, I write for about two hours, have to go and do something else and return to writing. I can say that whatever task I complete during my time between writing sprints my mind is on the story I'm writing.

What about you? What hobbies do you have? Can you work on said hobby for hours on end? If so, what do you do to keep your energy high?

After foot surgery this Friday, I hope that my energy will increase. In the meantime, I'm going to take a catnap and see if I wake refreshed.

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