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Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but my new year did not come in with horns, bells, trinkets, champagne or shouts of joy and good will. Oh no! We are such party animals that it came in with fists rubbing sand from eyes as I told the hubby, "See, I didn't miss it."

I just am glad I was awake when our Aussie friends celebrated the New Year! I made at least one. It should count for something!!!

If you hadn't already noticed, in November, Alicia and I added a novella to the Magical Forces series, titled Hell Of A Family Yule (Magical Forces 2.5). What a crazy ride writing experience this one was. The novella published is not at all what we outlined when we started, but we followed what the voices told us needed to be said. Family love, joy and remembrance was key. I thought the year before was tough when I lost my mother. Last year tested me further with the passing of my husband's grandmother and mother within months of each other.

Still raw from her passing, I had to write some of the most significant passages for Zoey. I truly hope as you read it, you can feel the love.

Very soon, we shall have a cover reveal for Hell of A Night, (Magical Forces Book 3), featuring Clint Lewing. The photo was taken by the amazing Shauna Kruse of Kruse Images & Photography: Models & Boudoir. Make sure you are following me and Alicia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'm hoping to have some signed photos in the coming months to giveaway!


When J.T. stepped into the doorway of the barn bracing his forearms on the frame, Tessa's brain fell deep into the gutter and swam with the fantasies and dreams she had of him. It didn't help Feather had talked about tying Newt up spread eagle and having her wicked way with him. While the thought of Newt made her stomach turn, looking at J.T. did just the opposite. She was supposed to be trying to use battle magic to get past him and into the barn, but the way he was standing made her heart beat faster and all her female parts that worked only for him hit overdrive.

“Now all you have to do is knock me out of position and get through the door. I know you can do it Tessa, just concentrate.”

“What do you think I've been doing?” Her retort was snarky and his smirk told her he had a few choice words of his own in return, but thankfully he kept them to himself. If only she could see behind his aviators.

How can I concentrate when all I want to do is rip your clothes off and touch you everywhere. To have you touch me.

“What are you waiting for? Samhain?”

Tessa wished she could be as bold as Zoey or as confident as Anna and Feather.

J.T. stood there waiting. He inhaled and she gasped as his shirt raised, revealing tanned skin above his jeans. What would you do if I froze you with battle magic and came over there and touched you? The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to do it. Already her breathes came in small pants and her sex throbbed. Though she hadn't told anyone, when she used the battle magic she didn't feel sick acting on her sexual impulses. Maybe...just maybe, this time she could.

"Are you ready?" She asked, huskily.

"Been ready, Sugar. Waitin' on you for a long ass time."

Tessa ignored him to concentrate on the spell. Her hands went to work. It wasn't one J.T. taught her. Rather it was a modification of a spell he'd taught her, Zoey, Anna and Feather when Zoey insisted they learn some basic skills, especially after she met the male warrior Eric. Oh to have been a fly on the wall in Ryan’s office during that meeting. Tessa had paced outside the door until Animal and Hawk decided tossing pillows at Aunt Tessa was more fun. After the lamp broke she really wished she hadn’t taught them that little bit of magik.

"You won't have to wait much longer." Tessa thought she heard him mumble something, but couldn't quite hear it. She did feel his eyes on her and he made her burn with desire. When the spell was ready she looked to where his eyes were beneath his glasses and approached. Her fingers and hands worked their magic, locking him in place.

"What the hell are you doing, Tessa? You're suppose to be knocking me out of the way to get into the barn."

She smirked before answering. "I know, but there is more than one way to get into the barn." Licking her lips, Tessa eyed the piece of skin she’d been dying to touch. Ignoring the shaking of her hands, she reached out just one finger brushed along the edge of his shirt.

The corner of her mouth lifted watching the muscles of his abs work to pull away from her touch. “What are you doing, Tessa?” J.T.’s sexy, need you now growl sent a shiver of down her back and one step closer.

Her hand slipped under the offending garment. “I’m touching you.” Seducing you.


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