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January New Releases from CHBB Publishing

Powerball Mania has everyone dreaming. When in truth, if the the money from the powerball were given to every person, we could almost do away with social service programs completely. At least here in the United States. Wouldn't that be terrific? Of course, it isn't the way the world works and even though I would give away most of the money to already picked charities (just in case I win it will save time), I have a big ole house that needs to be built so that my father and mother-in-law can move in with us. A huge library, office and home theater and a rec room. I'm hoping that with all of this, including a gardening area I am left alone with the voices in my head. They've been talking quite a bit lately and I'd like for you to get to hear what they have to say. In the meantime, you can fill your kindles with these great reads from the authors under the CHBB Publishing Umbrella. Whether from Hot Ink Press, Vamptasy Publishing Encompass Ink, Steamworks Ink or CHBB Publishing your dreams will take flight and you will find yourself in worlds that fire your imagination. Come on. I dare you. Come along with me for a wild ride....

Coming to Hot Ink Press January 12th 2016

Soldiers Surprise Baby

by Amanda Clark


Davey Roberts returns to the small market town in the Lake District, on a mission to claim the woman who rocked his world two years before. However, he is in for the surprise of his life when he finds out that a one week romance has resulted in a child. Being a father to Jake has become his new objective.

Danni Bell’s world was turned upside down the day she met Davey. After one hot and steamy week together of breaking her own rules, she is left with a permanent reminder—their son, Jake. Danni let her past rule her future once before, will she do it again?

Now that Davey has returned, Danni must conquer her fears if she wants to win back the man she loves. But can Davey forgive her?

Will their love survive the secrets and betrayal?

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#Coming to #HotInkPress January 15th from Aurelia Fray a #NA #Romance.

Topaz and Tides (The Tienimi Club Series Book three)

Catch up with the first two books in the series.

both available at #Amazon or #Read for #Free with #Kindleunlimited

Blurb: “Every day I read my phone messages. There are dozens and all from him. He promises me he loves me then vows to hurt me. He says he wants me back and then calls me horrific names. I don’t mind the messages, though. I don't mind them as long as they end the same way: "Where are you?” As long as he keeps asking the question, I know I am safe. And if he stops? If he stops, I’m as good as dead.” Harry needs to hide. On the run from her abusive ex and intent on hiding wounds that have scarred beyond what the eye can see, Harry swallows her pride and travels halfway around the world to seek the aid of an old friend. She needs help. She needs somewhere to keep her head down and pull herself together so she can recover from the damage Donovan inflicted. But all of Harry’s expectations are shattered the second she steps foot in Tienimi, the exclusive and private resort owned by her friend. Tienimi is not just a hideaway, it is a haven. A place where friends become saviors, strangers become lovers, and dreams become realities. The only problem is, for someone like Harry, dreams can be nightmares.

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Join Aurelia and friends to celebrate the debut release of The Tienimi Series.

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***Notice**** This event is for 18+ readers only.

SWI: #Coming January 16th a first in a new #Dreadpunk #Series brought to you by #SWI and Skye Knizley. Requiem (The Penny Dreadfuls Series Books One)

Blurb: London, 18— A bizarre and vicious rash of murders has wrapped the city in the cold grip of fear and a curfew is in place to protect young women from the clutches of an unknown madman. Chastity MacLeod, a young investigator for the secretive Order of St. Raphael, is given the case. With only a woman’s severed head and a handful of macabre clues, Chastity must use all of her experience and training to find a killer that leaves no trace, no weapon and no blood. Beneath gathering stormclouds, rumbling thunder and vicious lightning, Chastity and her new companion, Inspector Price, must confront an evil thought long dead, or lose their souls trying. Requiem Pray for the dead.

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Check out the official Skye Knizley

#Coming January 14th to #Vamptasy from Simone Young a #Horror #Dytopia with #Vampire #Witches #Witchcraft

Dark side of humanity (Poisoned by Blood Series Book Two)

Don’t forget to pick up Book One

Spilt Blood -

Available at #Amazon or #Read for #Free with #Kindleunlimited

Blurb: As Joslyn deals with the fallout from her first few weeks in Valdez she is introduced to the dark side of humanity when four issues call out for her attention in both the human and paranormal community. They are all linked to her surrogate sister Petra and Joslyn has to help investigate the issues and protect her from a threat that has made Petra the target of a dangerous group of people. All the while Joslyn and Kundo are finding it tough not to be pulled towards each other and have a few passionate slip up, breaking the rules and putting Kundo’s job at risk.

Join Simone to celebrate the release of book two of the Poisoned By Blood Series, The Dark Side of Humanity.

Want to know more?

Check out the official Simone Young

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