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Resolutions R Us

Happy New Year! By now many of you have made and broken several New Year resolutions made prior to celebrating the birth of this brand new year. As American's, we tend to make many resolutions and stick to few of them.

Right now, I feel like Ben Gates from National Treasure. I am resolute. Determined. I am determined to set goals and exceed them. Not those impossibly high goals which we tend to set that are in no way measurable let alone attainable. Did you do that again this year? Did you set the 'I want to lose fifty pounds,' or the 'I want to write ten books,' or the 'I'm going to work out everyday?' Have you put your plan into place? Set your daily goals? (whispers) Guess what? You are going to have an uphill battle. It's kinda like putting your shoes on before your socks.

I have been putting my socks on last for a bit now. Big goals, but not truly setting myself up for success. However, I don't do that when I'm at my other job which begs to wonder...why was I doing it with my writing?

Oh, I have my ideas. I bet you have ideas of your own too. Well, I am already starting in a better direction than last year. How you ask?

I take a few minutes out of every day to do the following:

1. Revel in my accomplishments of the day whether big or small.

2. Make a TO DO LIST for the next day.

3. Record my wpd (words per day) on a self made spreadsheet. If it is a non-writing day, I make note of it.

4. At the beginning of the month I look forward as far as I can to things such as family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, holidays, tentative book releases. (It's okay to move your release dates if you are working your plan and not ready. Just work your plan!)

HAHA! Listen to that! I sound like an expert, but I am totally not. I am going to make all of you hold me accountable. I have big plans baby!



Hell of A Life

Meant To Be

The Gift - YA Series

Blood & Magic - Erotica

Unnamed Sequel to Always And Forever - MM BDSM

Stories from Wilderiver - new series

Our latest 5 Star Read:

What another amazing read from this spectacular dynamic duo!! The characters were phenomenal! I loved reading about Ryan and Zoey. They are the BEST couple EVER and it was such a treat to dive into their story once again. Zoey is sassy, smart and sexy, while Ryan is manly and sexy but also a big cuddly wolf too and has a huge heart!! These two make the perfect couple. The story-line was AH-MAZING!! I was left with so many feelers because I could feel the connection with the characters strongly. The energy and magik of the story kept me craving for more and turning the pages. And the cliffhanger....UGH How could they cut it off like that and leave me hanging!! I am so dying to know how this adventure will turn out.....but to understand what I am talking about, purchase your copy today!! I highly recommend this read!!

Now that the new year has arrived and whether you have set goals for yourself, or you have decided to carry on as before, I wish you health and happiness. If you haven't truly started your journey with me, now is the time! Hell In Heels is just 99 cents.

What is in store for you? Do you have 2019 mapped out? I'd love to hear from each of you! Send me an email, or comment on this blog post! Tell me how you spent your holidays! You've seen the craziness of mine if you follow me on Instagram. Share your best holiday moments, or what you plan for 2019!


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