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Summer Fun aka How to keep the Pests Away (insect and others)

What? Yep! I'm talking about real pests. Not the kind that keep coming up and interrupting your reading time or space. Although, now that I think about it, this may work on those pests too.

The ones I am talking about are the creepy crawlies that either make you scream, shout profanities, or maybe both depending on the day. They bug the beejesus out of you until you have to stop reading to swat the ant crawling along your foot if you're outside, or inside in my case. So I thought I would share the fun little bit of research I've managed to collect on Tea Tree Oil. Now, I want to let you know right here and now. I am NOT AN EXPERT! This in no way should be considered me giving you advice. It is one woman's experience and thoughts on the matter. Nothing more, nothing less. Capeesh?


Doesn't look like a tree to me, but I'm from Michigan. What do I know, right? To my desert living friends this could very well be a bona-fide tree. I didn't think to ask until I started writing this post. Bad on me. I'll plan ahead next time. Plus, have you ever put your nose to the bottle? It stinks! What does it smell like to you? I'm not sure if it is old rubber or a mixture of rotten puke and fresh horse manure on a hot sunny day. Nasty crap, but it works wonders or did for me. This is what the flim-flam man should have been selling. He might not have been hung, shot, locked up or whatever happened to the various con-artists selling snake-oil over the years. Tea Tree oil is almost like a miracle solution.

In varying degrees it can be an insect repellent, a wart remover, used for acne, as an anticeptic, antifungal, it aids in healing of minor coughs and colds. But wait, there is more! Do I sound like a late night infommercial yet?

While it can also boost your immune system, level hormone secretions and assist with blood circulation in some people don't forget to look at the fine print. Tea tree oil may cause rashes, not get rid of them, give indigestion rather than get rid of it and cause weakness rather than make you feel stronger.

NOW we sound like a normal prescription bottle! I can deal with that!

What is the moral of my story? It's simple. I was looking for something that I could buy to kind of shut the faces of all the complainers in my house. Trust me, there are a plenty of them! From the oldest fart, (Haha, not me!) to the whiny baby all they do is complain! She never does this, he doesn't do that. Dad is an ass, blah blah. Well duh. Don't get me started, my whines are big, loud and long. There wouldn't be enough wine to raise me out of the pit of misery. Sorry, but I digress. Anyhow, I can make a spray bottle with tea tree oil in it, spray the floor boards of my 1950's balloon house (the term for how it was built) and know I don't have to worry about the dog getting sickish. (He eats his own shit so who know what kind of brain damage he has) I also don't have to worry about the nine month old grandson getting sick either. Why? I can use that same spray on him as a mosquito repellent as well on his 3 year old cousin and his two sisters. If I wanted, I can make a different bottle or add a few drops more add it to my shampoo to stave off my hair loss due to a thyroid imbalance.

Yeah, that's me. The one who smells like burnt rubber. No, it's not the new AXE scent, unfortunately. I did it on purpose. I massaged oil onto my oily scalp. Yippee. Should me I have to watch more hair follicles circle the drain a day or two faster. But hey, maybe I can get that red hair I've always wanted! Anybody know of a wig maker?

You get to look like the girl in the photo when you get the wig right? For $267.00 it should come with the costume to look like the gorgeous model!

Sometimes we let our fear get in the way of something good, even great. Essential oils can appear daunting but like any cooking recipe, it's only new the first twenty times you make the recipe.

Have you tried oils? Tea tree specifically? What have you used it for? Was it successful for you? Let me know! I would love to hear if it worked for you. My nails are breaking. Should I try soaking them in the oil? I don't know if that works or not, but maybe the dog will quit following me around wanting my food. Then again, any creature who eats his own feces will not let a thing like bad smell part him from table scraps.

Now I know there are some of you out there who know things about Essential Oils. I have a book about them. I know there are wonderful purposes for use of oils so don't anyone get your tail in a knot. I am not dissing oils. I am making fun of my life people. Not the oil.

My first introduction to Tea Tree oil was from the neighbor giving me what was left in their bottle when I commented how my daughter was having trouble with a stubborn wart. Well if I had been that wart I would have taken off too. Whoa baby! The smell was HORRENDOUS! I was unprepared.

Now, we've learned an important word. DILUTE! Say it with me. I know you can. If you think someone is listening just whisper or spell it out. Ready? D. I. L. U. T. E. Yeah! Good job! See I knew you could do it! That word means add water, H2O, aqua. The thing you are to drink a lot of a day. No not vodka. I know they both are clear, but be reasonable.

Are you tired of my humor yet? I hope not. Next time we're talking about my FAVORITE subject. Menopause. Yep. You heard right. My trip through the fun stuff.

In the meantime, I want to hear about you! Your experiences and if you want to get in on all the fun little contests and such, just contact me through my website: Once there you'll have the opportunity to sign up for my newsletter and a chance to look around.

Until next time.

Keep Smiling ~ Hope Daniels


So this thing happened on June 23rd...


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