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Winter Challenge

I have discovered my new favorite app. Not that I didn't know about this app a while ago. I did. I just never downloaded it for myself. Something about growing older, the kids maybe moving out, the new moon, going back to work, you name it, I decided to give it a whirl. I am now laughing at the WTForecast.

Even the clouds have seemed to be watching the kids in my family. LOL I think there may be light at the end of the tunnel though, it is possible that at least one family is moving out by March. I love them like no other, but I truly need them to leave.

One of the other things that has changed since last year, is the fact that I have taken a little more control of career. I've enrolled in a boot camp. So I will apologize now if you have purchased a copy of the Magical Forces Series and you receive multiple email notices about updates to your Kindle file. I'm making each one better based upon the lessons in each lesson.

I'm also making a better me.

Now, we have the technology. (Cue six-million-dollar man sound effects.) We have a new phone, YAY!! The only thing I am missing is friggin' sunshine to help me stay awake passed 9:00 p.m. in the evening!

This is what really tells me I am getting older. Not the aches and pains. Not the hot or cold flashes. Not he beard growing on my face where I once had baby smooth skin, or the inability to poop. No, what tells me I am getting older is the fact that I cannot sit in a chair when the sun goes down and remain awake. Yet, when it is time to go to sleep and I lay down in a bed, my eyes are fully open and I wonder if the ceiling would look good in a wide variety of colors.

Would my character really do what I just had them do, or would they cry? Part of me says it depends how close it is to their time of the month and if I want them to have PMDD. Which brings me to the fact that I decided to give my character PMDD back when doctors thought it was all in our lovely little heads. MF. Yeah, I just have a little anger left.

I decided a long time ago I wanted to be a tiny angry German/Irish woman who swore a blue streak when I got old. Now I just have to get old. lol

Back to my Winter Challenge to make a better me as a writer and be healthier. How can I do that? I go back to eating only 1200 calories for one. Making wiser choices in food and eating food that is healthier for my thyroid. Yeah, one of those things no one told me ran in the family. But honestly, what was I going to do? Say, oh, give me a new one? It doesn't work that way. No, I think our maker says Mom and Dad are going to have this many kids so let's give this kid right here all the fun stuff. In my case, I got all the fat genes, big thighs, short, messed up thyroid, ringing ears that are slowly going to just stop hearing anything and while we're at it, let's take away a bunch of other things too.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm just stating that we need to play the cards we are dealt and stop shaming everyone for things they cannot change. Hormone issues took a skinny 11 year old and in six months turned her into an overweight 12 year old. I still have issues when thinking of election day 1976. lol

If only I could blame President Carter for bringing the curse upon me...yet I cannot. It was a challenge to make it through my teenage years. Migraines that I've suffered since my childhood became worse with the hormonal swings. In adulthood, I learned to live with the migraines and function at my job. That was fun - NOT! A tumor the size of a softball robbed me of my uterus in my forty's and put me in early onset menopause. I would give anything to have those hormones the last several years.

As with this Winter Challenge, be careful what you wish for.

What challenges you? How will you better yourself, your job, your business or your career this year?

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